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  1. Alice

    This is so wonderful! just amazing memory box!

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CILO stylish jewelery packaging especially for a gift. designed to display earrings, brooch necklace, bracelet, celebrity or ring.

Stylish jewelry packaging. The aesthetic shape of the jewelry box is kept in a classic gift box design. The warm beige color adds elegance and style to the gift. Inside the box there is a suede handkerchief, and after it is unveiled, we see a new generation casket with an image display and a music player, which can be freely configured and personalized according to individual tastes.

Jewelry packaging with LCD screen

The casket is designed to safely store earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or a brooch on a soft sponge so that they miraculously appear immediately after opening the casket, making an amazing impression on the recipient.

It’s not about what you give. Just how you give it”. Dress up the gift as timeless as
their design, exclusively from Lespoke.
The only jewelry souvenirs that tell the story of your relationship.
  • When you open the box, it triggers a magnetized switch that then plays any
    your favorite movie selected by you on a high-quality LCD screen with sound. Box on
    Jewelery would be perfect for display at trade shows, in shop windows, or even for a proposition
    create that perfect moment. The box will be the perfect gift for a special occasion such as
    birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.
  • The Cilo can be connected to your computer with the supplied USB cable, and then you can
    upload your personalized video with a simple plug and play system. Such a souvenir would be
    the perfect gift for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.


    Jewelry is not included in the price

    These elegant jewelry souvenirs are the perfect keepsake for a lifetime.

    When you show your love with a gift of jewelry, surround it with a memory of yes
    timeless as their design, exclusively from Lespoke.


    1.Does the product contain a rechargeable battery or do we need to insert a battery?

    • Yes, both products are equipped with a battery that lasts more than 500 charges

    2. Does the product display the battery charge status?

    • Yes

    3. Do I have to install software to add media to the product?

    • No, it is as simple as plug and play.

    4. What file formats does the product support?

    • The list can be found in the product specification sheet.

    5. Is there any maintenance work?

    • Make sure you don’t let the battery run out completely, it can cause it
      damage. Whenever you store the product, fully charge it and store it in a cool,
      dry place, checking periodically when you need to recharge.
    • Always charge from your computer, not through a wall outlet.